Hi there,
My name is Anthony Acosta – father of three and a self confessed Tech addict!

What’s this site about?

A couple of years ago I was becoming increasingly concerned about what my kids were getting up to online. We are a pretty regular family who are into our gadgets and it seemed like I was losing control of my children’s online use.
With phones tablets and laptops it is becoming harder to keep track of what they are doing. Add to that the dangers our kids are exposed to online – chat rooms, social networks and porn!

My journey led to me to learn about different ways to bring back some sort of Parental Control. I have found some great ways to keep control – monitoring their online use with their cell phones, computers and tablets.

I set up this website to share some of the great tips and tricks I have learned.
If you are a parent and are worried about monitoring and controlling your children’s access to the internet – I think you will find something interesting on this website.

I welcome your feedback – you can leave comments and fell free to ask questions – I will get back to you. Don’t forget, you can send a message using the Contact Me page.

Hope you find what you are looking for!


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